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Welcome to our shroom family.

We are proud to be a company
that cares about your health, our collective environment and an incredible tasting
experience at every bite.

Our team has been working diligently to create two outstanding revolutionary mushroom burgers that will disrupt the existing paradigm of ‘cheap and convenient. They will take a whole new stance on the meatless burger.

Shroom Foods will upgrade the burger industry to a new level of healthy, delicious and sustainable burgers that will replicate the unique texture sensation of any high-quality burger.

These mushroom burgers are not only tantalising but they will energise you and bring you a sense of relief knowing that

they have a low impact on the environment.

Our vision is to provide accessible burgers that have the

lowest carbon mile footprint in the world. We want to establish

localised burger growth systems alongside strategic burger companies around the globe.

We are ruthlessly focused on minimal impacts on environmental ecosystems, without compromising taste. We are inspired by the upcoming generations that have the desire to create positive change, not only for our earth but for our health as well.

The future is fungi.



Advanced Nutrient Optimisation

The idea of the Biohacking Burger was born on Vancouver Island, British Columbia around a crackling campfire surrounded by wilderness. Our connection with nature is now represented in the clarity of our burger.

All of the ingredients of the Biohacking Burger are USDA organic and contain mushrooms that are energy enhancing and performance-related.

We are aiming this mushroom burger at those who wish to receive a fast energy output, minutes after consuming a product. Optimise your energy levels in a single bite!


The Biohacking Burger is produced using the growing room system that only takes 12 days to grow a mushroom burger with minimal effort. Low energy input, high energy output. Not only are we optimising the growth of this burger, but we are also optimising the energy of those who consume it.


This burger also allows you to flavour it with whatever ingredients you desire so that it can be a diverse food product, accommodating to every taste bud and giving you the power to be creative!

Some tasting ideas include teriyaki, peri-peri, satay and many more. . .



Hemp + Mushrooms = Love

I have a dream . . . a shroom dream!

Indeed Shroom Foods had a dream, a dream to create a burger that mimics the taste and texture of a high-quality meat burger but only uses vegan ingredients. That dream has come true.

You can indulge in a meat-like experience,

having the peace of mind that there has been no harm to animals or any environment whilst enjoying the deliciousness

of healthy veggies.

The Shroom Dream burger was born in the beautiful Byron Bay, a stunning area bathed in sub-tropical vegetation, rolling hills and pristine beaches, a place where dreams really do come true.

This mushroom burger was designed to wake up your tasting sensations with the highest quality local Australian ingredients, taste is no compromise here at Shroom Foods! 

Hemp is one of the fastest-growing plants, as well as being a rich source of essential fatty acids. That is why we are incorporating it into our Shroom Dream burger. Making it an original, healthy, eco-friendly and delicious vegan burger.


Why focus on fungi?

Fungi is a fast-growing kingdom (in the literal sense too!). It is thought that only around 5% of fungal species have been discovered, with thousands of new species being discovered each year. It is not only new species that we are discovering, it is the unimaginable health capabilities they hold.

What is even more interesting is that the Fungi kingdom is actually more closely related to the animal kingdom than it is to the plant kingdom, how can we not be inspired by this!?

This incredible information is one of the reasons we want to share our fantastic fungi far and wide on dinner plates all over the world.

Farmers Warehouse


Although these statements may seem eccentric and bold, we have the grounds to back them up.

In the USA we have created sophisticated biotechnological growing systems that are able to produce a shroom burger in just 12 days from minimal resources and minimal space.

These systems will eventually allow burger/food chains to grow their own burgers on-site, allowing them to claim mile 0. This creates an advanced meatless burger model that will be difficult to compete with.

We are only using non-GMO produce that is locally and sustainably sourced in the US and Australia, not only to support local farmers but again to reduce our carbon footprint so that we can optimise production and lessen our impact on mother nature.

Male Scientist


Shroom Foods is working with some of the most experienced food industry leaders, who have been working in this area for countless years, providing Shroom Foods with the knowledge to develop and progress with professionalism and innovation.

Also joining us on our journey are some of the most contemporary food scientists, as well as operating alongside front-runners in biohacking, to create the most advance, efficient, sustainable and mouth-watering meatless burgers to date.

Biohacking is a booming social movement that is aimed at optimising one’s performance

using biotechnology, allowing you to control the environment around you and inside you. You

can be assured that we are not heading into this blindfolded, we have the experience and

knowledge that will guide us through this journey effortlessly.

“The fact that it is vegan really makes me happy, it’s so hard to find a good vegan burger that ticks all of the boxes”


“I love the flavours, there’s kind of a deep smoky flavour that 

brings back all of the burger memories”

We have a strong desire to spread our knowledge and the unique taste of mushrooms in the most transparent way possible.

We want you to join our Shroom family and hope that you will share our passion and drive for this extraordinary kingdom. We value any feedback you wish to give, as we only

want to develop further so we can grow and prosper.

Our burgers are authentic,
they sizzle and they smoke and taste so amazing that they leave you wanting more!

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